Rover Review

Its the holiday season and there are a lot of obligations! I don’t know about you but of course there is lots of travel and holiday parties. That’s why we have been using Rover to help out with taking care of Billy.

If you haven’t heard, Rover is a new app that is sorta like an Uber for dogs, that link will give you $20 off. Someone can check in your dog, take care of them for day care, over night or they can come walk them! I used the service to walk Billy during the day while I had to work and Henry was out of town. I just wanted to give you an honest review of the app and my thoughts on it because sharing your dog and your home with someone can be unnerving!

  1. I HIGHLY recommend meeting with the person you’d like to hire in person. The rover person is use to this and should be more than willing. But it helps everyone get more comfortable. You can give them more instructions and see how your dog interacts. If you are leaving your dog with them I’m assuming you’d be able to get to see their house.

  2. Rover has you pay when you set up appointments but the person doesn’t get actually paid until after the service and if it went well.

  3. I went with someone who not only had a lot of reviews but a lot of returning customers. The person can charge whatever rate they want. And of course the veterans’s charge a little more. It was $18 to get Billy a 30 minute walk. Now this is more than daycare but its worth it because our girl gives Billy individual attention, makes sure he drinks his water (he doesn’t while we are gone) and Billy gets to stay in the comfort of our home!

  4. You can receive photos of your dog. I get alerted when Billy gets picked up for a walk and when he gets dropped off. She also reports how much he pees and poops which is weird but really helpful to make sure that Billy stays on schedule and is okay.

  5. Here are some of the photos and things I receive from our Rover Walker.

Again here is $20 off you first use, this is an honest review but I thought other dog lovers out there may want to know! And you can even sign up to be a dog walker or dog sitter to make some extra money!