Review: Oily Skin Primers

Hi Guys! So this summer I have really been trying out some products to keep my oil at bay.  I feel like majority of people have dry, normal or combo skin and its so hard to find reviews on products that target towards oily skin.  Now I know that primers really help my make up to stay on a lot longer and not break own so much through out the day.  I've tested a ton this summer and here are my reviews!

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six


My absolute favorite is the One Heck Of A Blot #3.  This primer has done WONDERS for my skin.  It also has the most amount of product for $15.  It's seriously a steal.  It holds up the best and I love its consistently.  Feels like a gel moisturizer.  Im not a huge fan of silicon primers. 

The Angel Skin primer I heard was good for oily skin and although it is more moisturizing it defiantly leaves me very oily very fast and I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin,  I feel like it give me more of a luminous feeling if anything!

The Becca stuff is heavy duty.  It for sure works but feels like glue on your pores. I just feel like its getting stuck in my pores but it will keep you matte for a very long time.

I don’t think the makeup forever is worth it for the price now that I have found One Heck Of a Blot and it is so much less expensive.  And this is more of a silicon formula.

Baby Skin is as silicon as it comes, its not recommended for oily skin and it more for large pores.  It gives a smooth surface but does nothing for oily skin!

The Neutrogena is good for areas of your face that don’t really get oily.  But it has some grit in it, I think its the rice protein. Also it doesn’t feel like it sinks into the skin nicely.  This primer doesn't keep me matte but it also doesn't make me produce a lot of oil either.

Dont forget to shop with Ebates to get cash back! What have been your favorites this summer??