If you haven’t checked out Glassdoor and you’re job searching, you should probably stop everything and go there right now! Just kidding, I’d love if you stick around.  Here is my review on Glassdoor, this site really has a lot of pro’s and just a few con’s.

The idea of Glassdoor is to be able to see job postings, reviews, salaries, and interview notes.  I will step you through my thoughts on each.  I will give them a rating out of 5 stars (1 being bad and 5 being awesome) and explain why they received the ratings they did.

Job Postings: ✩✩

Compared to other sites, I wouldn’t really bother using this site to look at job postings.  The site usually recommended positions and companies I wasn’t really interested in or that weren't in my area of interest.  I’m not sure where they pull these postings from but I would say that these are very limiting and a lot of them looked like sales jobs, or scams in my opinion.  It would be easier to find jobs off a company's website, LinkedIn or Indeed (reviews to come).

Company Reviews: ✩✩✩✩  ½

These reviews gave me a lot of insight into companies as a whole, as a person on the outside looking in.  Now I must say you should read these reviews with a grain of salt, because they can be given by people who may have left the company for some ill reason and have had a bad experience they want to share.  After leaving an interview I use to see if the reviews matched up to the feelings I had on the company.  For example, if I thought the company really pushed the employees too hard and gave very little reward, there were often reviews that mentioned something along the same lines.  It can really give you a feel for company culture, the perks, or downsides of working at that company.  This is extremely valuable since it can be difficult to find these things out during an interview.  I’d recommend that you write reviews on your past employers to help future candidates like it did for me.

Salaries: ✩✩✩✩ ½ 

This section generally helps with managing expectations. It helps you see what other people are getting, or ballpark what your salary may be.  It may even help on your negotiating.  Remember that there can be outliers, and you have to base your salary expectations on the company, your skills, and past experience.

Interview Notes: ✩✩✩

This section is usually sparse compared to the others, but this helps you to get a feel of what the company’s process is for interviews.  You’ll be able to get an idea of how many rounds there will be and response time. Some even mention questions others were asked during the interview, so read and prepare! 

Overall: ✩✩✩✩

Overall I’d give Glassdoor 4 stars.  They offer you something very unique, a look inside a company without stepping foot in the building.  There are pros and cons for whoever or whatever you are looking for, things you may never know that could either win you over or steer you away. Some people even post about benefits and everything is anonymous.  There are some downsides like job postings but there are other sites for that.