Refocus & Re-centering

Hi friends! I hope you are having a fabulous week! 

Today I wanted to talk about refocusing and re-centering yourself.  Here on Life After Graduation, I try to give some everyday tips or insights from things that I have learned but I have always struggled with starting things.  I usually have all these great ideas on organizing, creating or just starting a project.  I find the first step is the hardest. I have made a lot of excuses during the past month with the holidays, living at my parents and then moving in with my boyfriend.  But I find myself being sluggish, tired and so blah.  Yes blah is the best word I could come up with and I'm sure some of you have felt this way.  

So this post isn't about how to get "started" with a goal or project because I know that Im not currently capable of giving that advice, but I hope to get there one day.  Starting this week I want to work on getting refocused and re-centered.  Allowing myself to try different things to get there and not getting frustrated when something isn't helping like I thought it would. 

I know three main things I must do first and thats get organized, second is to get on a schedule, and third is to take steps to help myself.  My place is a disaster, with just moving 5 days ago, everything is successfully unpacked but hasn't found its home.  I literally can't think when there is stuff thrown everywhere and counter tops aren't clear.  I think its the counter tops that get me the most.  Is anyone else like this?? Please say yes.  I need regiments and schedules.  My mind is calmest when I have a plan.  I know that with plans you also need some flexibility because things wont ever go perfectly to plan.  But doing things such as meal prepping, or picking out my clothes the night before are little things that I can do for myself.  I also know that my next step is to actively take steps in the right direction.  Im never going to get out of my blah stage if I don't do things.  I need to do activities that help me to get moving and slightly out of the physical blah as well as do things I enjoy. 

Although I hope that other people aren't in blah phases, I hope that if you are you're able to help yourself get out of them! Is there anything you do to get out of phases like this?