Real Talk: Pressure

Hi Friends, I hope that you are having a lovely week! Recently I have been trying to be very mindful of my thoughts and my surroundings.  And I feel like I have had some revelations that I would love to share.

As I am being mindful about how I live my life trying to improve it, I have found that I have become hyper-critical. Now I feel like I'm critical anyways, due to society, being in the blogging world and trying to be a #bosslady.  Constantly striving for more. I find that I'm punishing myself even more now that I am trying to correct bad behaviors.

There are constantly articles out about how you need to change your actions to improve your life.  And you know what it's not really working for me. What I mean by that is yes of course I want to improve my mind, body, soul but I'm going about it all the wrong way.  First we should all just give ourselves a little credit for trying in the first place, that is hard, seriously. Second, I think we need to reward ourselves for all of the small stuff, and forgive ourselves for any slip ups. I'm talking about if you're trying to eat better, work out, have more positive thoughts.  These are big changes and I think we all expect them to happen overnight.

I was doing a work out video last night and the trainer was talking about how "We shouldn't listen to ourselves, we should talk to ourselves". For instance we shouldn't listen when our brain says we can't do this work out, rather tell yourself you can do this work out!  I feel like I need to use this in a lot of aspects of my life.  The negative thoughts creep in so easily. 

I think we just need to take some of a pressure off, and go a little easier on ourselves.  We are all trying the best we can every day.  I believe that change will happen it just will be slower than most would like.  So by writing this post I hope to take a load off my shoulder, telling you and myself that putting more pressure on ourselves doesn't yield faster or better results. And even if it does we won't enjoy the process of getting to the finish line.

I hope you're having a great day and this helped to make you feel not so alone! Do you have any tips for taking the pressure off?