Real Talk: Balance is Bull

Hey friends, let’s just jump in! As we get started with the new year, I have some serious goals for myself. And I was hoping that since Im not longer wedding planning there’d be so much more balance in my life. I’d wake up early, complete my to do list, walk Billy, work out, spend time with my new husband, self care sunday, write a blog post, meal prep, read a book, catch up with friends and feel relaxed. But unless Im multitasking, Im not getting that all done in a day. And if Im doing those all in a day, I don’t feel balanced. I feel tired, worn down and defeated because either I didn’t finish it all or Im adding more.

I think this idea of balance is bull. But I do think you can accomplish the life you want if you set priorities!! I believe in seasons of life, and for some you just give more to things than others. Last year for me it was work, wedding planning and quite frankly keeping my head above water. This year it’s planning for the future, spending time with my husband, and focusing on myself. You can not give yourself to all these activities and expect to have anything left for yourself.

I just wanted to write this post as a friendly reminder to be gentle on yourself, remind you that instagram isn’t real and you’re doing great! Think more about your priorities and what’s really important to you right now and you’ll feel way more accomplished than trying to check everything off for a balanced life. I also think that your priorities can be flexible, because life isn’t straight forward. It’s too much pressure to have a ridig outlook on balance. Balance one day could mean smashing out a to do list, reading a book and the next it could be catching up with friends and taking a nap.

Now I still believe in being productive and accomplishing a lot but if you’re balance definition is the same as mine where I dabble in everything, I suggest changing your focus. I think life is a lot easier to focus on 3 main things, maybe some side things but acknowledge those aren’t as important. I think most importantly you’ll feel a lot better because you can give more to those items and not stress about the rest!

What’s your idea of balance?