Quick Tip: Resume Updating

Something I have learned as a young professional is that it is really important to keep an up to date resume on your computer at all times.  

One of the main reasons I have found is because we often forget some of the work we either do or are a part of.  Some of the smaller projects I have done have gotten the most attention when I bring it up in interviews and it’s really important to include on a resume. Sometimes it takes a little jogging of the memory though for it to pop up. Or I have way to often after an interview though “UGH I should have thought of this project I did.”

It’s also really good to update your resume and LinkedIn profile on a monthly basis just to make sure it stays relevant and you don’t sit stagnate just because you have a job.

Having an updated resume always at the ready is important because you never know when an opportunity could pop up.  It would be a shame when asked for one you have to scramble to put one together, or give an old resume.

It also helps to always refine your resume, making it the best version and viewing it with fresh eyes. When job searching you should always tailor your resume, but be on the lookout for that quick tip soon!!

I have found that updating on a monthly basis is just a simple thing that will really help you in the long run!

Do you have any tips on keeping your resume up to date?