New way to be productive

Hi guys, so as I have said before I'm really using this month to reset a lot of my habits and try to engrain good routines and ways of doing work.  I recently received the productivity planner and it's really changed my way of how I complete task.  I wanted to share some of my findings and what worked for me and what didnt! 

From the productivity planner here are some of the main concepts

  1. Pick 5 tasks or fewer
  2. Start with the most important task first
  3. Don't move onto the next task until the first one is done
  4. Break everything up into 25 minute chunks (called pomodoro) 
  5. Always have what you need by your side; snacks, coffee or tea, and ALWAYS water
  6. Take 5 minute breaks after 25 minutes of working; don't go on social media, refresh your drinks, use the restroom, get fresh air or stretch.
  7. Never do half of 25 minutes
  8. Put your phone on do not disturb and tell people you are working so there are less distractions

I found that when I started using the book I would try to cram 5 small things into the 25 minutes, and thats not really the purpose.  I thought at first the whole 25 minute thing was weird but I LOVE it.  I feel like it is a short enough time that I have to concentrate but long enough to really get a lot done.  I also feel like if I don't complete something in 25 minutes, I can move onto the next and walk away.

I completely agree with the breaks, sometimes with the blog I'm constantly on social media but I often get distracted or my mind wanders and thats not conducive to getting stuff done. 

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I also have trouble with starting my most important task first, sometimes I need a little warm up.  This could also be why I always have task hovering over myself though! 

Another part of the journal is seeing how productive your day was and writing notes. One of the main goal is though if you get that 1st task done, all in all it was a pretty productive day.  This is not the type of journal where you write your 45 chores.  It really gets to the basics. 

I use this app called Focus Keeper, its free but it is set up with 25 minutes on 5 minute break and it goes in cycles of 4.  I love it, it helps me to keep track of time but not get too caught up in a task. 

I highly recommend the Productivity planner theres lots of helpful tips and quotes! Also I find my playlist "Instrumental Pop" helps me to be super productive! 


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