Photo Diary of California Trip

Hi Everyone I hope that you are having a great week! Last week for New Years Eve I went to Los Angeles to meet some of my boyfriends extended family.  Although I ended up coming a day late due to delays, by some miracle and lots of standby lists I made it. We jam-packed as much as possible and here are my pictures from the trip!

Day 1 - Went to Pasadena to meet some friends, got dinner and walked around looking at the Rose Parade Floats. Pasadena was beautiful and I loved just looking at the different houses.  Shout out to Tad, whose dog Sophie was the cutest and just laid on me most of the night.  Nothing better than a cuddly big dog.

Day 2 - Henry took me to Santa Monica, to the Third Street Promenade shopping area which is a beautiful.  I went into some of my favorite stores and finally got to see Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop in person (must buy soon). We then walked out to see the beach and it was beautiful with the sunset. We then headed to Henry's cousin's place and we went to Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant in West Hollywood, which was as magical as I thought it would be.  I am a die heart Real Housewives fan, so this was just everything to me. Even though it was outdoors there were heaters and olive tree's everywhere that made it feel like you had been transported.  I had the Pumptini, my boyfriend tried the Pumpopolitain and it was worth all $28 for a pink drink made with house vodka. Our waiter was just as charming as can be and we stayed by the bar for some more over priced drinks that were well worth it to me.  Would for sure do it again.

Day 3 - This was a long day with waking up at 6 am (on accident) going to a great breakfast joint and taking a walk along the Newport Pier and exploring Newport Beach more.  We then checked out Fashion Island and people watched with a latte in hand, which was my favorite.  It was also really neat to cross over to Balboa Island on a ferry. We then went to downtown LA to see Henry's old high school which is just like the movies to me with a large campus where you can walk around and have multiple buildings (nothing like the midwest).

Henry was a dear and then took me to Burbank to go the Morphe Store.  As a make up lover, I was SO EXCITED to go.  But the store was a big disappointment unfortunately. The store was not in an area I had expected, the store itself was quite small and they PACKED it with people.  I waited in line for an hour and when I did finally get in their brushes were barely labeled.  I had a few in mind to buy but it was so difficult to find them.  I have heard great things about Morphe's contour pallette but I wanted to speak with one of the workers there and get their advice but that was just not happening with the amount of people.  I ended up leaving empty handed because I knew I couldn't take my time with the brushes and make sure I got what I wanted.  I hope they open a different larger store and I can try again next time.

After Burbank, we headed to Long Beach to meet up with a family friend of mine that was my neighbor when I was 4 in Denver.  Seriously its a small world.  I had a blast and loved catching up with him and talking about his LA life now that I understood it.

It's 4 days later and I still feel exhausted but well worth it.  Gearing up to move this weekend and I can't wait! Let me know what your favorite spots in LA are, so I can visit next time!