Photo Diary: Chicago

Guys! I am so excited! I feel like I finally am getting my groove back.  After last week with feeling drained. Then my computer having a face off with my iced coffee (the coffee won) and just feeling extremely drained I took the time to finally put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) and just jotted ideas down for the blog.  I am happy to say I have content for the next month.  Craziness.  Makes me super happy and I hope you’re excited to read! Make sure you like or comment on your favorite types of post so I know what you like!

This past weekend we went to Chicago this weekend to spend time with family and I wanted to share some of my photos.  

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which was right on Michigan Ave (shopping central).  Fun fact: the Hard Rock Hotel was built during prohibition and was made to look like a champagne bottle. Spent Friday night exploring some Chicago Bars and restaurants.

H and I spent the early morning walking around and seeing everything (time change got us).  And it was really cool to see the city so quiet and with barely any people.  We also say a yoga session happening in Millennial park.  Super cool to see everyone doing the same motions.

I then got to see my sister and brother-in-Law at Beatrix (highly recommend) and try out blueberry and strawberry mimosas. (YUM)

We spent the afternoon exploring, going to a bar on the river taking the L to Goose Islands Tap Room, then going to Lincoln park and eating at Homeslice (all time fav).  Then dropping in a random pub for a night cap.

Sunday we had to leave pretty early (its a 5 hour drive to Cinci) but I stopped in a cool coffee shop.  I love these little finds.  

What are your favorite spots in Chicago?  Ill be back there for Thanksgiving!