Phone Challenge

Im making up a phone challenge! Haha I don’t know about you but my phone addiction is getting out of hand again. I feel myself go to grab it when Henry and I are sitting down for dinner, if something doesn’t hold 110% of my attention, or I just don’t want to talk to people. I don’t know guys all I know is I pick it up WAY too much and it does more harm than good.

I did a phone “detox” a while ago so Im taking some of those things and adding some of mine thoughts too. And Im going to do this challenge for 2 weeks, a month? I don’t know hopefully these become new habits that I keep forever.

So who wants to hear the rules?

  1. Stay off your phone for an extended period of time - For me I picked 2 hours at night. 1 hour wasn’t enough where I could fumble around and time past too quick. 2 hours challenges me to go doing something and focus on that activity. I totally watch a show are something like that but I just can’t be on my phone getting notifications. I find during this time I always give into working out so thats awesome. - Also I tell family members I'm doing this, since usually they are like why did it take you 2 hours to respond.

  2. Don’t pick up your phone as soon as you wake up. If you think you may have something important go for it. But I find waking up and scrolling on instagram doesn’t always start my day off right. Starting my day for the first minutes I feel like lets me decide what mood Im going to be in rather than outside forces deciding for me.

  3. Try to quit one social media. Im not on a ton but I think just cutting down on one helps to filter a lot of the noise.

  4. Turn off notifications you don’t need. I turned off instagram notifications. So I only get texts, calls and emails. You pick up your phone a lot less when theres a lot less notifications.

  5. Unfollow & Unsubscribe. Again we get flooded with so much information all the time. And I lot of it isn’t helpful or doesn’t make us feel good. So cut that stuff out immediately. You’ll also be on your phone a lot less because you aren’t scrolling through things that don’t interest you.

Let me know if you do any of these. I found that when I did it for two weeks, I was generally a happier person and compared myself a lot less to people. It also is an extremely freeing feeling to know that you aren’t dependent on your phone.

Can’t wait to hear from you!