Office Make Over

Henry and I are moving to our dream apartment in 5 short weeks and Im so excited! I have had my eye on this location for a while and I can't wait to make it into our home.  With that being said my office space needs a major overhaul. 

Getting all dark furniture from college wasn't one of my better ideas.  So I am getting a white desk! This will be nice for blogging and taking photos.  I hope that one day I can find some wood for the topping but for now its just going to be white! 

Here is some of the Pinterest photos Ive gathered as what Im picturing: 

PS these white cute chairs you see all over Instagram, NOT COMFORTABLE! I work from home some days and sitting on them for a long time made me really uncomfortable and I didn't want to sit in my workspace at all.  I recently got this chair to replace it and its a much better seat! Highly recommend! 

I want to add more dimension to space above my desk.  I use to have this wire grid and it was great in theory but it made that space really flat.  So adding shelves I think will make it much more interesting.

Of course, you have to have some candles and books for inspiration around.  Here are the ones I currently love: 

I thought this little clock was a cute add-on and same with some greenery! I also really like this lamp but I try to keep my space pretty clean so that I can think better and not feel cluttered.  

If you have any tips or must have for your space I'd love to know! 

Here are a lot of the products I mentioned: