October Intentions

WHAT! Its October ALREADY!? I feel like this year has just been a world win so far and its not slowing down especially with wedding planning! But I think it's in the times that we are the busiest its the most important time slow down and take a second.  I love setting intentions, even though I need to go back and pay attention to them more! Still its important and I wanted to share with you mine.

Start the Boss Body program - My sister purchased this program online and they gave her a hard copy which she gave me.  I really like this program because I have been learning that HITT works really well for my body.  And although Im a Tone It Up girl, it doesn't really set me up for success. The thing that I like about this is I know what expect for the next 12 weeks, especially since Im a planner. Tone It Uo doesnt come out with their schedule until the sunday before and sometimes life happens and its hard to fit in a whatever time they have allotted.  Also with tone it up you're switching between videos, print out and you also need internet.  I like that this is a book I bring, I dont need much equipment and theres 2 days a week I get to pick up the workout.  I also have weekends off.  I also thought weekends would be the easiest to plan workouts since I have more time but thats not really true. Getting 5 work outs in on workdays I can tell is what works best for me.  Which me luck!

Reach out to my friends more - This is always so important, but we have been so busy with family obligations and wedding planning that when we get a moment to ourselves we just do out own thing.  So I need to make sure Im reaching out to my friends and making time with them to connect and have some fun! 

Make more time for the blog - I had to take a week off from the blog in September and I dont think I have ever done that in the 2 years of blogging.  But I was having an off week and just needed some time to myself.  I feel good that I did it but now I sorta need to make up for it.  So expect more post, more items in the shop and maybe even a sale! 

Read books - So I may have binged watched too much Netflix, but they were taking One Tree Hill away! Anyways I watched way too much TV and made that way too much of a priporty. I aways feel so much more rewarded when reading and I hope to check some books off my list!

Go hiking - I love the cooler fall weather but still working up a sweat.  Its so pretty to take hikes with the leaves changing and reconnect with nature.  Im so excited to do so!