October Intentions

Hey Guys, I hope you are having a fabulous October so far! I wish it was a little cooler in Ohio but I will take the good weather.  This post is coming to you with some of my October intentions!  I recently had an epiphany the other day about my attitude towards things, so Im excited for this month and switching things up.

While I was shopping at the mall last week I felt extremely overwhelmed and was throwing a pity party for myself for many reasons.  And I felt like the only thing that could make me feel better was having a new day, but it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I had so much day left.  So I stopped myself and I bullied the part of my brain that was bringing me down, I bought myself a Starbucks and I threw all my energy into having a good day. And guess what? I did! 

So my intentions for this month are:

1.  Throw all my extra energy into having good thoughts! I know this isn't possible but I really am realizing the more good energy I put out the more it comes back to me.  Instead of constantly thinking about what I felt like I was lacking.  "What you focus on you get more of" - One of my friends told me once

2. Complete a mini work out 5 out of 7 days.  Even if its only 10 minutes I'm really just working on habit and some strenght training this month!

Those are all my intentions, Im keeping it simple this month.  Going with less is more.  What are your intentions!! I'd love to hear!