October Favorites

Hey Guys! Can you believe its November already?! This year has just FLOWN by and I feel like next year will go even quicker with our wedding.  I was insanely busy this month so there wasn't time to test out a ton but I do have some surprising favorites I think! Keep reading and tell me in the comments something that was your favorite this past month! 

Blog Lovin -  If you don't know what Blog Lovin is, I feel like it's an updated tumlr for blogs.  I have been really liking it recently because I like seeing what other people are talking about, gives me inspiration and lastly, I just like reading blogs :)  Im on there and if you want to follow me and see what Im liking you can! 

Aerie - I have been recently been in need of new lounge wear and underwear (TMI ?) all the lace stuff from Victoria Secret that use to all the rage I just was hating.  They either ripped easily and weren't comfortable.  So I got a bunch of stuff from Aerie, one thing I like about them is they are usually having some sorta of sale and returns are easy.  And its comfortable! 

CeraVe - My skin has been so angry lately, I am getting all these dry patches when I am so oily.  I think it may be due to dehydration and just the stress of life. CeraVe is pretty calming and although it hasn't fixed my problem all together it is for sure helping my skin.  Its very dermatologist focus and doesn't have a lot of perfumes and things that can easily irritate the skin. Hoping to mellow out and have it get better soon! 

Bullet Journaling - I have a post coming on this soon! But its a new way of journaling and I think Im really starting to like it! 

Meditation App - The app is called Simple Habit. To help me mellow out I have been listening to meditation.  I like to do it mostly before bed to help calm me but Im hoping to incorporate it after some work out soon.  I like that you can pick where you are, or activity you are doing and customize 5, 10, or 20 minutes. 

So tell me! What have you been loving this month?! Any skin advice for your girl?