Review on Nugg Face Mask

Hi Friends! Recently I have been super into trying out different face mask since my skin has been break out, tired and dehydrated.  I feel like face masks are a quick way to help get my skin to where I want it to be, and its like a 15 minute spa time to myself.  I have seen Nugg face mask a lot on Instagram and found out that they are sold at Target so I thought I would give it a try! Below are the 4 that were available and my thoughts on what I tried! On the website there are also packets and 4 day regimen options! All of these products applied in a clear or milky white gel type of texture .  They didn't foam or anything when taking them off which was a little tricky, I would suggest using a wash cloth to help!

Soothing - "Helps to calm, balance & hydrate trouble or sensitive skin" This was the first one I tried because I do sometimes have sensitive skin and I wanted to see how my skin reacted before testing the other mask. My skin felt nice and soft afterwards so I was happy with it.

Exfoliating - "Gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth & clear complexion"  I was excited to try this one since the others were more calming.  I'm not sure why but I was expecting something that would like peel off all my dead skin (even though it distinctly says gentle, duh Keri).  So I was a little disappointed when there was just some scrub in the tub.  My skin was immediately red from the product but then calmed down as time passed.  My skin felt soft afterwards, but I believe there are better products to exfoliate your skin.

Hydrating - "Intensively hydrates & replenishes dry, dehydrated skin" I was super excited about this saying dehydrated skin since I haven't seen a lot of products target this type of skin which is what I have. I left it on a little longer than was suggested just because I felt like my skin really needed it.  And I was not disappointed! My skin felt so soft afterwards, and felt like it had just taken a huge sip of water. 

Revitalizing - "Revitalizes & pumps dull, tired skin for a radiant look" Warning this smells like straight up Vicks vapor rub, which was a little off putting at first.  It also had that slightly minty feel, if you've ever felt those like refreshing moisturizers or minty lip glosses. Just not exactly what I bargained for.  My skin felt more plump after but I wouldn't say it was super radiant.

I was disappointed in the variety available in Target because I felt like I a lot of these products overlapped on what they did, I would have LOVED to try out a deep cleaning or de-stress face mask. Another thing that is good/bad is there is too much product in the container.  I felt bad to just throw it out so I put it in a ziplock baggie to see if I could use it another day.  I could tell that there was a difference in the product by doing this so I wouldn't suggest it.  Another thing packaging wise is that the product would NEVER rip off nicely.  Heres a picture to explain what I mean. Overall, for $3.50 this is a really awesome option for single use face mask, I would really recommend the Soothing option to sensitive skin people and the Hydrating one for people looking to get moisture back into any type of skin. They have a new lip mask that I really want to get my hands on as well as the other masks for de-stress skin and deep cleansing.  Have you tried Nugg or any other face mask recently? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I did not receive compensation. These opinions are my own.