November Intentions

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far, can you believe it is November already?! Be sure to check out the latest wallpapers  and sign up for the giveaway!  Even if you don't want to enter the giveaway I am just looking for some feedback!

It's the time again to set some intentions/goals for the month.  This has been such a year of growth for me when I reflect back on it.  I just want to continue to grow and not let these last two months slip by.  Which brings me to my first intention:

1. Slow Down - I have noticed lately that I have been in such a hurry for everything, I'm not taking my time or double checking.  I think it is hindering my work and not allowing to put my best effort out there.  Im hoping to just slowwww down.

2. Enjoy the little and big things - There has been a lot of changing in my family recently and I think it's really easy to just jump 5 steps and start planning.  Im trying to stop and just enjoy the moment of today before tackling tomorrow.

3.  Train for Turkey Trot/Push Limits - Every year my family participates in a Turkey Trot which is a 5 or 10k run on Thanksgiving.  Every year I have walked it and this year I want to train and run the 5k.  I know I am capable but I have told myself for so long I can't.  Im up to 2 miles so I really think/know this will be the year I do it.  May seem silly to runners but it's a big milestone for me!

What are you intentions?! I'd love to hear them!