New Year New You List

Happy New Years to you!! I hope you had a great time, I unfortunately got food poisoning but I am doing much better! Did you check out the new store?! 

So of course now is the time to make some new years goals, and resolutions, hopefully change some of out bad habits and replace them with healthy ones! I will be sharing my resolutions later on this week, but I wanted to make a list of things that I think will help you out this year! So you can hit the ground running (for some literally).

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1 - A water bottle. These swell water bottles are everywhere any they are so cute.  It is so important to drink a lot of water for your appetite, flushing toxins, skin, etc.

2. - A fitness journal. I think it is very valuable to hold yourself accountable and write down all the things you eat, and your exercising habits.  Its very helpful! Apps like MyFitnessPal tell you about how your food breaks down with fats, protein and carbs and what your goals should be! Here is another one I really like.

3. - Wireless headphones.  I find these super helpful to work out, I was constantly trying to put my headphone back in while running or pulling them out while lifting.  I also like wireless headphones for cleaning and during chores.  I listen to music, podcast or audiobooks.  

4. - Mason Jars.  There are some many healthy recipes for mason jars, wether its salad, snacks or yummy water.  I think its a cute way to be healthy and that motivates me.

New Year New You List Roundup of things you need for the new year

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5. A Yoga Mat. I love my yoga mat for any time I work out even when its not yoga.  I stretch on it all the time and its just a soft space to do work outs.  So don't think you HAVE to do yoga to own a yoga mat.

6. Crystals. If crystals are your thing I found a really awesome bundle on Amazon.  I like the idea of energy and having something tangible to hold. 

I also really liked  this cookbook  as well! 

I also really liked this cookbook as well! 


7. Vitamins. Lastly but very importantly vitamins.  I know vitamins can just really help you over all in any problems you're having wether its something internal, skin or stress these guys can help.  I don't take my regularly enough but I hope to! 

I hope this new year brings you happiness and peace! I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

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