New Hair Products Review

Hi Guys! So coming out of winter that feels like it has never been ending I have been very focused on my skin care and keeping it hydrated but I forgot about my hair and it needs some serious TLC.  So I recently purchased some new products and I wanted to tell you what I loved and what I didn't! 

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Recent Haul: 

I have really been liking the DryBar Brand recently, I know that they are a little pricey but I think they are worth it and better than Living Proof I think. 

This mask was just what my hair needed, I loved that I could just do it in the shower.  No mess and fuzz and it really helped to replenish my hair! 

Okay, so this hair towel.  A hair towel like this is supposed to help your hair to not only dry but also cause a lot less breakage.  When you put your hair up in a towel its rough on your hair and can damage it.  I have heard using an old t-shirt is softer.  But I found that those got soaked quickly and then my hair isn't drying because it's just sitting in something wet so I thought I'd give the hair towel a try. UPDATE! I think that this towel really dried out my hair and I have lost a lot of moisture with it.  When I stopped using it I got a lot of my softness back.

First off, I just had the texture of it, it's not soft it's a little scratchy and something I get weird about the feel of things and this is just one I really don't like.  Also, I got the "long" towel and I wouldn't say my hair is THAT long.  If you had longer hair I'm not sure if it would be long enough for you.  It definitely does its job of soaking up water and probably more than anything else.  But your hair is still sitting in cold water.  I think it does cut down on time and absorbs more but I'm not sure its worth the $30. 

Not your Mother's Blow Dry Spray - I haven't really seen a difference if it cuts down on time but I like the smell of it and that its a heat protectant. 

These hair ties are supposed to be great dow not causing bends in your hair and being a little bit gentler on them.  Although I don't think they prevent your hair pulling or snagging they do leave a dent.  I wanted to wear them for when I went to bed but I think they are still a little rough.  So I'm pretty indifferent to them

Tangle Teezer - I've seen this thing for years and have always wanted to try.  It for sure works on wet hair like a breeze.  I wouldn't really recommend it for dry hair.  Although it works I feel like it can be rough and never feels like it fully goes through all my hair. 

Prep Rally - I got this as a sample and I love it.  I want to get a large size. I love the smell and actually think it helps my hair to dry faster when I'm blow drying it.  It adds moisture without weighing it down. 

I'm excited to try some new products.  I want to help my blonde really get blonde this summer while keeping it healthy and strong since the wedding is around the corner! 

What do you recommend? I'd love to know! 

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