Summer Reading List

I have had a lot of fun over this past year sharing some great books I've been reading.  But my favorite part is hearing from you what you're reading.  I love books and I love sharing that love with all of your guys.  After finishing up all my books for my Sunday Reading post, I went back to target, took photos of all the books that seemed interesting and then rented them through my library, because I am cheap. And I will tell you, I do slightly judge books by their covers, sorry!

Here the lastest To-Read list: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 4.47.56 PM.png

The Lonely Hearts Hotel - I love old time books to switch things up every once in a while, so this book sounded perfect.  Set in 1914, a love story, mystery, and music.  What could be better?

The Party - My friend recommended this book and it sounded like a book filled with gossip and suspend.  I am hoping that this one is a page-turner! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 4.46.47 PM.png

Surprise Me - I really liked the sound of this book because it seemed just like a different concept with a simple plot.  A marriage that is looking for some spice and turns into secrets. 

The Hazel Wood - I liked supernatural books and getting lost in a world I couldn't have imagined before picking up this book.  It seems more of a teen book but Im okay with that means a quick read for me and that sometimes just what I need! 

Crazy Rich Asians - This book is becoming a movie soon! It reminds me of another series like A-list (anyone read that?) or gossip girl.  Great summer read I can't wait to dive in!

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 4.47.21 PM.png

The Food Therapist - I'm working hard to get a healthier lifestyle, and I saw this book floating around Instagram so I want to give it a shot.  I am most definitely an emotional eater, learning to get that under control would really help further my fitness progress! 

So tell me! What's on your list? Anything being made into a movie this summer you want to read first?!

Also, for any of my Cincinnati friends out there I just read Eligible and it's based in Cincinnati and its so fun to read about all our favorite local places.  I also really enjoyed the story too!