My Favorite Makeup Youtubers

One of my favorite pass times/hobbies is makeup.  Anything to do with it whether it's trying different looks, reading reviews, or my favorite, watching makeup gurus!  Here is a list of some of my favorite guru's and why.  I have linked their channels below for you to check out! I also want to point out their skin type because I think that's something very important to know when listening to reviews. Let me know your favorites below, because, you know, I need to spend more time/money on makeup. 

Jaclyn Hill (Very Dry Skin) - All hail Queen Jaclyn. Her makeup is not only impeccable, but with Jaclyn's makeup artist background I love that she explains things.  Make sure to watch the end of her videos because her "extras" and killer dance moves is what make her, her. She currently is working on her own make up line and I can't wait for it. 

RachhLoves (Normal Skin) - Rachel is the best because of her down-to-earth personality, and amazing editing skills. I always find myself laughing at her videos. She mixes it up with Pinterest hacks, hauls, and tutorials.  One of my favorite series she has is when she does a haul, then two weeks later comes back with reviews.  I love makeup hauls but to me the most important part is hearing the reviews so I know wether or not it is worth it.  

Kathleen Lights (Dry Skin) - Kathleen has recently gotten really big and I think she deserves it.  She is super quirky (in a good way) and relatable.  She has always given honest reviews and puts out 3 videos a week.  I'm impressed by her new content every week, I am also bias because she has green eyes (as do I) and I love seeing what looks good on her.  Kathleen also uses a lot of drugstore products unlike a lot of the big youtubers.  

LustreLuxDesi Perkins (not sure on their skin type) - I feel like these two just have to go together as a pair ( LOOK AT THEIR SNAPCHAT)  I want to be friends with them so bad.  But thats besides the point, they are so creative, do their make up beautifully and are just everything you could look for in a beauty guru. 

Casey Holmes (Oily Skin) - Casey is a sweet southern bell and I always love her color combos. She also has Roscoe and even though she has clear skin its nice to know not all youtubers skin is flawless.  Her skin is also oily (like mine) and I needed a different take on products since a lot of the people I watch have dry/normal skin.