Music Monday: Vol 3

Sorry for missing out last week! I was on vacation but happy to be back! Here are my top picks for this week, what are you loving??

New Releases:

I love this collab by Kygo and Kodaline.  I love the sound of Kodaline with their acoustic vibe and Kygo's EDM skills.  On point!

I love Drake.  All of his different sounds they are amazing.  I thought I didn't like this song but I heard it on the radio and now Im obsessed. 

I can't stop listening to the Lumineers new album.  Their is a lot more depth in this album and Angela is just another example of that.

Tegan and Sara can do no wrong in my eyes.  I am still learning to love this one but their new song is different and outside their comfort zone.  Go Tegan & Sara!


All Time Fav:

I recently got Hozier on vinyl.  Its everything and so much more.  This is one of my all time favorite songs from him. Extremely under-ratted song.

I LOVE Oh Wonder, and I love to relax to this song at night, their voices harmonizing together is bliss. Especially with a nice hum background.

Everyone just needs a reminder of this song.  Its on so many sound tracks but its an amazing go to.  And in case you were wondering Band of Horses is amazing!

This song is on a ton of playlist and I never seem to skip it.  I really enjoy Troy Sivan's stuff and different sound.  I recommend checking him out & remixes of his songs.