Music Monday: Vol 27

MUSIC MONDAY! I haven't done one in a while so I thought it was time.  I love all the music that comes out during the summer because its just so upbeat.  Makes you want to dance and sing.  Let me know if you'd like me to update the playlist and remember there's a Music Monday playlist that has even more songs! 

PARAMOARE IS BACK! Although Im still forming an opinion on the album I LOVE this song, and Hayley is my favorite. 

This song took a little to grow on me but I really started liking it once I got to the chorus.  Give it a chance! 

I had this song on repeat for a REALLY long time, I think Henry wanted to kill me.  But I love the beat, just makes you want to dance.

This song is amazing to work out to it has the perfect cadence. Thats pretty much the reason I like it haha.

DNCE makes some of the best dancing music and this song didn't fail me. You have to check out their lyrical video cracks me up.

I really like Hailee, I think she sounds a little different in the song and thats not a bad thing.  And I love her girl power message.

Welcome back Ellie! I love when she does songs like this.  This sound hasn't taken off yet but I think it will! 

I wasn't a big fan of Harry's first song but I really like this one and the tone of it. His voice ain't half bad either.