Music Monday: Vol 24

Hi Friends, this week I wanted to share a little bit of new and old.  I have been finding myself recently going back to a lot of old albums.  They bring a certain comfort and happiness.  I'd love to hear your jam this week! 

The Neighbourhood use to be on my favorite bands.  And this is my favorite song from their newer album.  Just so easy to sing along.

This is another song I couldn't put a name to but I really like working out to this song with the different tempos.

I love love love LEON's sound so I was excited for this EP and this is one of the songs I wanted to share from it! 

I feel like this song is always on my playlist randomly but I could never tell you what it was.  Well I finally found it and wanted share!

I recently found this band and I'm really liking their sound.  Do you have any recommendations for bands like this?

This song took a little bit of warming up for me but now I can't stop playing it on repeat. I think its the build and the chorus. <3

Please (please!) share your recent favorites and I'm thinking of revamping the playlist again, what would you like to hear?!