Music Monday: Vol 23

HAPPY MUSIC MONDAY! It's bee a while so Im excited to be back and sharing some new sounds with you! As always please send me your favorites!

I really liked Milky Chance last album so I was nervous about their new music but Im loving it.  I love their unique sound.

I love this song, espeically to work out to so I'll take it anyway I can get it. I love Ed he is so impressive live.

I love this airy sound and the lyrics of this song.  I think think the intrumental part to this sound is catchy.

I have always liked this song and I just enjoy remixes that are done well and keep enough of the original song.

I stumbled across this song and the band and I love what Im hearing! Have you heard them? Would you recommend more?

I feel like I am very picky with my Minus the Bear, and this song is Keri approved. But there is just something about this one I really like.

I am SO happy that MisterWives is coming out with new music and I am SO happy that I like it haha.  I can't wait to see what their new ablum holds.

Again another stumbled across song, at first I thought it was too light but with the beats added after the first refrain I had to listen to more.