Music Monday: Vol 18

Hi Guys, sorry its been a while since a new Music Monday but good news! I plan on redoing and updating ALL playlist by the New Year! So if there are any playlist you'd like or music you'd like me to check out please comment below!


I like the difference between the high vocals and low bass/guitars. I don't think there's anything particular about this song I just really enjoy it!

I've been back into acoustics with the cold weather and this song is just perfect to curl up to and light a candle. So relaxing

I just really like DNCE and Im not scared to share it.  They are so catchy and you just want to sing along to MOST of their songs.

I wish this song packed a little more punch but this is perfect if you are looking for a more mellow indie pop song.

I dont know why but I had to listen to this song about 10 times before I decided I liked it, but once I got behind the chorus I was hooked.

Just heard this song the other day and wanted to throw it into the mix.  I think its a great classic to sing along to.

I digging the alternative girl bands coming out recently,  I think this is another one too keep your eye for.  Nice to work to this song.

This song morphed into something I wasn't expecting, I feel like it rides the line of alternative rock and indie pop.  I like the eclectic sounds. 

Tell me your favorites for the week!