Music Monday: Vol 15

Hey guys, for this Music Monday I wanted to do something a little different  and share some of my favorite playlist on Spotify! I love finding new music this way or just having someone make a playlist for me! Don't forget there are playlist on the site that I have made for you and update frequently! 

This Mellow Work Day is one of my favorites because it is instrumental pop songs.  And I just find this amazing.  You can hum along to songs you know with out it being distracting!

I like Pop Rising because its usually the hits but gets switched out more than other Pop playlist.  I can get sick of songs fast so this keeps things more fresh!

I love this playlist so much because it has a lot of the songs I love but there are also some new ones in there! One of my go to playlist!

This is another playlist I stumbled upon and I really liked! Some of the Indie playlist can be too much for me but this is right up my alley!

A lot of playlist on Spotify are customized based on what you listen to, like Release Radar.  Its a really cool feature they have started! What are some of your favorite songs? I'm getting into more of the acoustic mood lately!

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