Music Monday: Vnyl Review + More

Another Music Monday to start off your week! If you love this type of post please be sure to share, I'd love to get some more music lovers on here! Also let me know if you want more playlist or something a little different. 

So I received my second box of vnyl, and I have to say I am pretty disappointed.  Womp Womp. This time I picked a vibe and it was suppose to pull from my Spotify.  I'm not sure what went wrong but I got Lily & Madeleine, Owen, and Thursday.  Thursday was the only band I recognized and its a little hard core for me.  I listened to the two other bands and these are my thoughts. I'm hoping my next vibe is something more that I am really looking forward to.  Below is the albums I received, what are you thoughts? Do you think they are on par?  As always email me at if you want $10 off to see for yourself!

Now onto some music I have been loving this week!

Do you remember Hellogoodbye from middle school, cause I do.  And this song blew me away.  They didn't stray too hard from their techno background but they definitely matured.  This song makes me excited to check out the whole album.

 I don't know why I haven't included this song anywhere before.  I've been obsessed with this song of their for a while and I just love the band name all together. This song is just everything you want in a rock song with a fast tempo that doesn't quit.

I think this is one of my favorite songs from Magic Man.  Its not TOO out there like some of their songs, its super dancey.  And I love a great song to sing along to.

I just thought this cover was a really cool spin on the classic EDM song.  I love how they have slowed it down a ton and just made it simple.

I love me some Fray, I feel like their sound is so different for what is currently out there.  Im not sure if I'm super excited but I think this will be one of those songs where I love it more every time I hear it. 

Do not worry if you think you're computer is broken when you hear this song, it's not.  But I love acoustic versions of song and the mix part just makes it seem even cooler to me.  Her voice is so strong she doesn't need much

What are you favorites? And be sure to tell me if you have any playlist request!