Music Monday: Vol 6

Hi Friends! Who is ready for another Music Monday?!  There have been some new releases that I am really digging!  I am looking for some new music to check out, so help me out and leave me any suggestions here!

I love OneRepublic, Teddy the lead singer is an amazing song writer and singer.  I just have such an appreciation and this song is just so catchy.  I'm in love, hope this is a great sign for the album!

Okay you guys know I actively try not to like these songs, but I just can't help it! I love the beat, and just dancing around to it at my apartment.  The slow build is also on point!

I thought since this song would be for a kids movie I wouldn't like it, and yet I'm never turning it off when its on the radio.  It just puts you in such a good mood! And I love that JT is making music again.

I love Mike Posner, and I think his new sound is really admirable.  This is one of my favorite songs from the new album and such a great message! Remember "Just be as you are" 

Getting back to my indie pop roots! This is a must listen to anything who like that genre, I just love the different sound with the lead singer's voice.  So catchy!

This girl reminds me of old band that I just can't place.  But it just a great song to jam to especially in the car, cant wait to check out more music from them!

I'm loving music that sounds like this currently its just different but SO good.  I love the bridge and chorus.  If you guys like this type of music please leave recommendations!!

Super upbeat song in time for window down weather.  Perfect for the summer, love finding bands like this!  I love his voice and the sound that comes with it.

This song reminds me of Carly Rae Jepsen a little but more edgy.  And Im digging it. Another great break up song if you are looking for one! 

This song is so smooth and yet a more upbeat acoustic song.  It just a great song I love how everything came together and I love the whole wolf sound.  Give it a try!

Also I'm looking to work with a vinyl company and if you guys have any suggestions let me know!