Meet Billy! Our Adopted Dog

Meet our new sweet pup Billy! We believe he is a collie mix around 3 years old! So its sorta a crazy story of how we got him, but thats sorta how things go around here :) 

So my sister moved to Mexico City for her executive job and a coworker had a sick child and asked my sister to watch him.  Due to the progression of the child's illness they now longer could care for Billy.  My sister had taken a few dogs in and she was looking to adopt Billy to a loving family.  

Henry and I have talked about getting a dog for about 3 years but it just never felt like the right time and we needed to move into a new apartment.  So we finally had plans to move into a place that allowed dogs and my sister called and was like I think Billy would be perfect for you guys.  Henry can take pups to work so she thought he was calm enough for that and just looking for a home that didnt have dogs or kids yet so he could get some attention.  And boy do I have love to give to puppies.

So my sister looked it up and we had a plan to fly him to Chicago (direct flight) and then we were going to drive him back to Cincinnati.  

Some questions I've gotten:

  • Will he be quarantined: Nope!

  • What does he need to travel: Proof of rabies shots, the more health papers the better, and a health certificate that a vet conducts the week of to say he's healthy

  • Where does he go: Billy is a bigger dog so he went under the plane

My sister wasn't able to bring food, but she did pack him with a blanket for familiar smells when he got to us and his favorite toy.

I was so skeptical, I was like this plan is not going to work.  They are going to take him or something may happen I was never fully convinced we would get Billy.  But we did! My sister had all the right paper work and we had no problems getting him! 

He is the sweetest dog and so mellow.  Exactly what Henry and I were looking for.  He could loose a few pounds but he's on the same wedding program as me and Henry now ;)

My sister has started a foundation where she is trying to neuter and spay dogs in Mexico and get them adopted.  Some money goes a long way in Mexico, so please consider helping her cause

He is a little anxious when we leave, which is fair because he has been bounced around and everything is new to him.  So we are hoping with routine and time he will become more familiarity that will calm him.  If you have any tips please share! We are new pup parents and not sure what we are doing. 

I know one thing, I will sign him up for Bark Box.  The toy and treat subscription box.  I hope he loves it as much as my childhood dog did.  If you use my code, you'll get a free box to start! 

Say hi to Billy!