Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

Can you believe Holiday season is among us? I sure can't, I head out to Florida on Friday to spend Christmas with my parents but its pretty chilly here in Ohio.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is opening our stockings.  It is usually filled with little useful or very silly things.  Things my mom included are usually; chapstick, water bottle cleaners, lint rollers, mail polish and a mini calendar.  So I've rounded up a list of small things that are perfect for stocking stuffers or even your friends! 

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My mom has gotten me the pamper pack and its so cute, including mask for your face and hair, foot cream and eye patches! Number 2 is a cord accessory pack, perfect for traveling!

I love the combo of a coffee mug, bath bomb and a cute nail polish!

I also got Henry a Corkcicle tumbler for Christmas and they are so nice! They are spill free, keep you liquids warm or cold.  Only downside is you can't put it through the dishwasher. But I'm okay with that! 

This "No Coffee No Workee" sign is cute for an office space.  

I also love some hand cream and this cute ornament of moroccan oil for your hair. 

Some are big items but most are small little things that can fit in a small box.  And all items are under $30! Music to my ears! 

Here are the links again for Ebates and Honey

What are some little items that you either love to give or recive during the holidays?!