KL Polish Review

Hi Guys, so I recently purchased KL polish, which is a new nail polish line from the Youtuber Kathleen Lights. I ordered Coconut Milk and Hug & Roll

When I first ordered it I will have to be honest one of the bottle was completely broken and spilled everywhere, recking both bottles.  But I believe this was more of the post office's fault not KL polish and they got me new nail polish within the week.

I did have trouble with purchasing the nail polish because I was trying to buy them on launch day and they were saying that polishes were sold out that weren't because I also wanted to buy Miss Honey.

Here is a look at her spring line:


KL Polish nail polish review Coconut Milk


I love the Coconut Milk one better, because its not a harsh white, which can be a bit much with my fair skin tone, but it is almost more off white. 

The Hug and Roll is a pretty soft lavender, in some lights I swear it looks light pink.  It is a subtle pastel and I like it but if I had to pick one it would be Coconut Milk.


The nail polish I think can last up to a week without a base or top coat and a lot longer when I add my top coat.  You definitely need two to almost three coats. Hug & Roll chipped slightly after 4 days but Im really rough with my nails

KL Polish nail polish review Hug and Roll


I wish it was a little bit more cushioned in the package but I love the square bottles and velvet feeling top. The brush is nice too. Overall I really like the packaging and design. 

I would do your research with these nail polishes, I found online they looked different on different skin tones. The retail for $8.50 which isn't bad but the shipping is $5 so I would recommend getting a few.  She also has 10% off your first order! 

Overall I'd recommend them! I really like her color choices and just find them really beautiful! What are your thoughts?!