KATE SOMERVILLE: Blemish Banisher Review

Hi Friends, so some  of you may know that I have extremely oily and acne prone skin.  But I also have pretty bad hormonal/ cystic acne.  When doing research online about products that may help Kate Somersville products popped up a lot, so I figured I'd give it a try.  Although I have not used the 

Here's what the box includes: A cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, and spot treatment.

KATE SOMERVILLE: Blemish Banisher Review sephora skin care

Initial thoughts on each product:

Cleanser - The Cleanser is nice but the packaging isn't the greatest.  It is a twist top and often product spills out and it is a yellow cleanser, leaving yellow residue everywhere and wasting product.  I didn't mind the smell too much and only a little bit is needed.  It feels cleansing without stripping oils.  I wouldn't recommend this to take your make up off with.

Moisturizer:  This packaging is TINY, there is barely any product compared to the rest of the sizes.  It is also an extremely LIGHT moisturizer, the lady at Sephora suggested to get the Goat's milk moisturizer of Kate Somersville to give some moisture back into your skill. I wanted to wait since I was paying $55 anyways and that didn't come in a travel size.

Exfoliator: This has a pretty bad smell to it, is extremely milky and doesn't have much of a scrub to it.  You're suppose to put it on and leave it for 2 minutes which is a little annoying but not bad to do in the shower.  It doesn't feel like it is exfoliating much at all but it seems to do the job!

Spot Treatment:  This is a pink spot treatment, that dries and crumbles extremely easily.  I wouldn't recommend wearing it to bed or with nice clothes because you run the risk of getting pink dust EVERYWHERE and staining your sheets.  This spot treatment makes me think twice since it seems extremely similar to the Mario Bedesiuo one.  This treatment is pretty good for one coming spots the most I think, it helps with spots to reduce size but doesn't get rid of them.  And only slightly dries out my cystic acne.

Initial thoughts: I really wish that it would have come with a mask as well and a little heavier moisturizer. After a few dots I think it helped to clear up some of my smaller red bumps, and MAY possibly make my cystic acne dry out a little bit faster but it was by no means a miracle worker for my skin.  I also need a heavier moisturizer since my skin feels a little stripped.  I think I need to give it a little more time before my final decision and I will keep you updated!


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