June Intentions

Hey Friends! So I follow a Youtuber called Marissa Lace, who I love.  Her message is really awesome and its all about #yearofyou, and how you should date yourself.  She then posted something the other day about setting intentions for the month of June.  So I decided to set some and share them with you! I encourage you to set some POSITIVE intentions for yourself and make this a year of you.  Focusing on loving yourself and finding things that make you happy!

Intention 1:  Challenge my negative thinking. I find myself often spinning things negatively, convincing myself I am either not good enough for something or don't deserve it.  So this month Im going to challenge myself and do the things I love and that make me happy.  Showing myself that I deserve better, and see what comes from that rather than being negative.

Intention 2: Treat my body better.  I eat well, not well enough but okay.  I'd like to really focus on the bad eating habits I have when no one is looking and eat healthy all day, of course allowing some cheat meals through out the week but not through out the day.  And also listen to my body on exercising and helping it that way. 

Intention 3: Putting myself out there.  I have recently been trying to meet a lot of girlfriends and it can be really tiring but I know its going to be worth it.  So I have to be patient with people and myself, knowing that it will take time. 

I think 3 is good right? Haha but really I want to set these intention, focus on it, and succeed. Allowing myself to slip up but not using that as an excuse to give up.  What are your intentions?