July Intentions

Alright July, lets do this! It's gonna be a busy month for Henry and I, we have every weekend filled and are moving at the end of the month! (Wish us luck) I haven't sent intentions for a while and I feel like it's always a good thing especially the busier life gets.  So here goes nothing, and share with me your goals for this month! I'd like to know!

1. Stay Present - We have a lot of family visiting the month.  I can't wait! So with that I want to make sure that my family has my full attention and Im nothing thinking of my mile long to do list.  I want to make sure they know how much I appreciate them coming to visit and enjoy our time together! 

2. Work out 5x a week - Henry and I have been doing well with working out and being relatively healthy.  And this will be a true test the busier we get to still make sure that working out is a priority! 

3. Pick up every night - When theres a lot going on in our life our apartment is the first to go and sometimes the mess drives me insane.  Taking a few minutes every night will make sure that it doesn't get out of control and is less work for us! 

4. Read often - The busier I get the more my mind needs a break.  I know that TV doesn't do that for me as much as I wish it would.  So Im going to make a real effort to keep up my reading to let my mind escape for a little bit!

What do you have going on this month? Any personal goals?