July Intentions

Hi Friend! I hope you are having a great July so far.  Last month I talked about how I'm not setting goals anymore for the month, instead I am setting Intentions.  You can check out my June Intentions here.  Here is what I'm setting as my intentions on in July:

1. Continue to put myself out there.  This past month I had a lot of disappointing moments with friends and I know that if I want to expand my circle I need to continue to put myself out there and try to make new friends every week even if it feels discouraging. Positive thinking something will take a turn soon!

2. Worry Less.  I worry constantly, about money, friends, future, past.  Anything.  I have a lot of trips coming up recently that are giving me a little anxiety and it shouldn't because I am prepared. Instead of worrying I should just have some fun!

3. Push myself.  I have been working out lately and keeping up with it more than I usually do.  I know I can do a little better, wake up 15 minutes early squeeze some work out time in even though I'm tired that's the only way I will see progress.

What are your intentions for this month? I'd love to hear!