Instagram Q+A

IM BACKKK! I took a much-needed break from the blog and social media, more on that in another post but I'm back and refreshed! So I thought I'd start with a post from the question and answer I had on Instagram! If you're not following me there, you should because a giveaway is coming soon! 


Do I have a full-time job? If so how do I handle both? 

Yes! I am a marketing analysis, by day. And to be honest, it getting a little trickery.  But I try to set aside certain hours every week and knock a lot out.  So, for example, I will sit down every other week and get all my post done for the next two weeks.  (That's not usually how it goes but I try.) I block out time to get certain tasks done all at once.  And I try to check social media a few times a day.  I think my lower engagement on social media hurts my growth but that's okay because it's all about balance.  And I promise if you ever tag me on social media I'll always respond! 

How did I get started?

I saw some wallpapers on pinterest that were calendars and I thought how clever and it would help me to stay organized at my first big girl job but every calendar I found were for incorrect months so I asked my then boyfriend (now fiance) to help me update them since he had a design background. I got a lot of compliments at work that I thought it might be fun to share! 

Why did I start?

I think this is a little different than how because thats how I sorta stumbled upon. The blog all really started after having trouble finding a job out of college. I worked as a recruiter for a little for a company I thought was a dream, but it was only a contract and then after losing my *dream* job, I thought starting a blog all about I had learned post grad would really help people.  I also thought the wallpapers would help you to stay organized at whatever you were working on! But Ive been at my current job for 3 years now so I sorta outgrew the find a job phase and Candidly Keri evolved from Life After Graduation. 

How many hours do I spend on the blog?

I'd say 15-30 hours a week, depending on if I worked ahead or if its wallpaper week! 

How am I?

Someone asked this and I thought it would be fun to answer honestly, rather than just with good.  I was really overwhelmed for a little bit there but taking a step back allowed me to check some major things off my list and now I'm feeling better.  But I'm anxiously awaiting our big move in 2 weeks! 

Can I make a tutorial? 

These next two questions sorta bummed me out but I thought it would be good to answer because I constantly get asked about changing fonts or styles of wallpapers I have created for free.  If you'd like a change to a wallpaper Im happy to do so for some money! My time is valuable and I create a lot of awesome stuff for free! 

A tutorial - sorry but that won't be coming, but behind the scenes, videos will.  As to how I make the wallpapers, I find photos I can use legally and create everything from scratch in photoshop from there.  Then Henry codes them and puts them on the site! 

Can you sell a Candidly Keri wallpaper?

No stealing my wallpapers and selling them is illegal since I own the rights to all my work. Tsk Tsk

Top 5 countries I'd like to visit?

Alright, a fun question to lighten the mood! I'd love to go to Greece, Germany, Scotland, some island like Bora Bora, and Czech Republic.

When did I discover my talent?

This is very kind, I just started making the calendar wallpapers thinking they could be helpful, I ever expected them to take off like they did! 

Where do I find my inspiration?

Nature mostly! I try to make my wallpapers centered around the seasons, I also like to mimic patterns I've seen.  Or I go on pinterest like everyone else and pin lots of quotes, and see what resonates with me the most that month! 

What keeps me motivated to keep working on the blog + social platforms?

Mostly anyone reading this! I know that a lot of people depend on me for wallpapers each month so that's why I feel like I can't stop.  I also just want to see where the blog goes.  Henry and I have improved our skills, design and the site so much since we've started.  We love growning and learning about all this stuff and I think that's a huge part of our drive! 

If you guys have any other questions drop them in the comments and I will respond! I love doing the Q+A and hopefully, we can do another one soon!