Real Talk: I got lost in the numbers

Coming back with a real talk for ya. Ever get caught up in what you see on Instagram, forgetting it’s just a highlight reel? Cause I know I do (at least once a day if not more). This year I had deemed it the YEAR OF THE BLOG! I was going to post consistent content, up my photography game and keep all social media up to date. I wanted to see where I could really take the blog when I focused a lot of time on it. But woah did the blog become a chore when it felt like I needed to become something. Especially something that I don’t have control over. Quite frankly I'm not going to do this forever, my spare time is becoming less & less and I was thinking if I don’t start making money soon it won’t be worth it. I just needed a break. The blog became a negative place. I have always loved the blogging part and sharing my thoughts. But people were demanding wallpapers, free ones I might add. And I just couldn’t keep that pace, nor did I want to. So I convinced myself I needed a month off, and I’d be good. But a month came and went and then I was heading into one of the busiest months of my life and I still wasn’t up for it. Any creator can tell you, you can’t force being creative. So I waited. And thank you if you waited for me.

I realized that I was wayyyy to focused on the numbers, I got completely sucked in. So I stepped away. But I realized I need to go back to what I loved writing about and keeping to my authentic self. I hope to still show myself a lot more in posts and even in Instagram stories because I need to not behind the screen. While I do want to hone the craft more of blogging, making pretty things and stepping up my game. Im not going to create a version of myself that doesn’t exist. I have never been the polished girl, with the perfect clothes, skin and always put together and I don’t want to be. Trying to put out that image did myself a disservice. And my readers. So I hope you’re ready for the girl who likes to do reviews, make wallpapers, all from her sweatpants and messy buns.

So I'm spending more time writing about things I want, not what I think will make me money. Im spending a lot less time on Instagram, and more with my family, recharging. Because again I don't HAVE to do anything I don't want even if Instagram makes me feel like I should. Fingers crossed the blog grows organically and if not that's cool too. I'm just glad you're here. Thanks for sticking around!