I gave up my phone for 2 hours a day

Dun Dun Dun, such a dramatic title right? Anyways, I started to give my phone up for two hours every night and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it and why I started. 

Ps. I still went on my computer and things, but I was trying not to text or go on social media.  I sometimes still went on BlogLovin or Pinterest but it was for enjoyment.  Which I rarely do since usually Im researching for the blog.

Why I started:

1. I was wasting time - Honestly, it is insane the amount of time I just spend scrolling on my phone, not only that but scrolling through things I'd already seen.  I was always refreshing my social media to see if there was anything new.  And most of the time I wasn't it was just a big waste of time, where I really got nothing out of it in the end.  

2. I was procrastinating - I wasn't getting the things done I needed to because I had the really bad habit of checking all my social media before trying to do any work, and I went down rabbit holes REAL fast. 

3. I was comparing - I mean come on you can't help but go on social media and say oh I don't have that, look like that or am doing cool enough things. It's a terrible game we play with ourselves making us feel inadequate, lonely and puts us in a negative place. ** let's just take time to realize that usually, social media is highlight reels and not even real life

Comparison is the thief of joy
— Theodore Roosevelt


4. I was feeling lonely - Most of my friends live out of town and I'd see them going out doing cool things while I sat at home, and I felt left out constantly.

5. I was looking for something my phone couldn't give me - I feel like I kept going on my phone waiting for people to text me, to reach out, to feel connected.  But there's only so little you can do to feel connected to your phone unless you're actively talking to someone.

What I've learned:

1. You're not going to come back to a thousand texts of people saying how much they care - Sometimes I felt like in giving up my phone the whole world would know and reach out, that's not the case.  Everyone goes about their day as usual.  It felt like a disappointment and sting at first but then I got used to it and stopped expecting it and I think that made me feel a lot happier. 

2. I learned how much I grab my phone out of habit - Guys its sorta gross, sometimes the 2 hours I was just counting down and others it went by quickly.  And I find myself grabbing my phone less everywhere I go.

3. I found better things to do with my time - This left a lot of time for me to go work out, or read a book.  I also enjoyed shows more because I wasn't scrolling through my phone at the same time. All these things I wanted to do I suddenly had time to.

4. I enjoy social media more - I feel like I have a better perspective on it.  I compare less and know that I'm not ingesting real life.  I also go on Pinterest for fun, not just to work.

5. I feel less overwhelmed - I guess its true what they say about your phone stimulating you, I feel like my mind runs less and there are fewer notifications constantly bombarding me. 

6. Im having more quality time - Henry has started dropping his phone more too, noticing how much he's on it when Im not.  And we spend more time together focused and feels like a deeper conection.  I also try to not look at my phone when Im with my friends and I can tell they look at their phone less too.

7. Better thoughts -  I feel like stepping away allowed me to really have "better" thoughts that were more conducive and helpful rather than getting stuck in a rut or on loop.


I really like it, don't get me wrong at first it was a challenge, even hard and sad at first.  But I have found after two weeks, I'm more productive, focused and quite frankly happier. It's pretty crazy a phone can do all that. I'm excited, I sorta just made up this challenge for myself because I knew I had bad habits and I wanted to see what happened.  I'm hoping to continue to do this so much that it doesn't even feel like a challenge and becomes my new healthy habit. 

So what are your thoughts? Would you give your phone up for a few hours a dar?