Gift Guide for Guys this Holiday

Hi guys! I hope that your having a great week! I wanted to put a post together of a quick little gift guide for a guy that may be in your life, whether thats your significant other, brother, dad or friend.  These are some gifts that I have given and I'd like to think they went over prettyyyy well :)

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for money back and Honey for automatic coupons

Gifts Under $25-

1. DIY mugs or shot glasses- This one is great I have done it a few times where I have gotten beer glasses or nice shot glasses from Target and painted them.  I have usually done sport teams on the mugs and then sprayed it with sealant. Its a really cool gift because 1. boys aren't afraid to show it off 2. It really personalized it! Below is a picture of what I have made.

2. A keychain - Here is a picture of a personalized key chain of the coordinates of my boyfriend and I's first date.  Off Etsy it cost me like $15 and I think it was one of the cooler things I have come up with.  Really personalized and sort of like an inside secret.  (I found the coordinates off google maps, and it was much more difficult than expected.) The certain keychain I got also had an option to write something inside which most people haven't noticed when they see the key chain.


3. Slippers - Because what boy doesn't love a nice pair of old man slippers.  I mean am I right? Here is some from Target.

4. A mug - Cool mugs are great for everyone especially with places like Etsy now. You can get a quote, something from a movie or a show, or just a cool design.  Also in this realm  a Brita filtered water bottle is something nice too and comes in handy more often than you would think.


Gifts Over $25-

1. A nice watch - This is just a go to.  I feel like guys not only like nice watches but they appreciate them.  I love Fossil watches but I have gotten some nice ones from Kohl's before which has been great with their sales and money off. Here's the one I got for my boyfriend last year.

2. Sport/Concert Tickets - This is a great gift because not only do they get a present but then they can do an activity.  This is also a gift that most people wont buy themselves. I not only use Ticketmaster, but also Stubhub or my new favorite Vivid Seats, which is like StubHub but usually has lower prices.

3. Video Games - Anything to do with video games, wether its a new console, or controller.  Let's be real I know nothing about video games, except a little dabbling in Destiny but what I do know is that most anything to do with video games is more than $25.  Just ask the boy and they will send you a direct link to what they have been looking at for at least a month.

4. Headphones - Headphones are a great gift since again they are something a little more pricey and most people wont buy it for themselves.  Whether its for music, again video games or wireless ones for the gym, headphones are always a good choice.