Gift Guide: For the tricky ones

Hellooo friends! I hope the holiday season is treating you well! I did a poll on on Instagram seeing if you guys wanted a gift guide and if so who for! The answers were basically for the people in your life that its hard to give gifts to! Either they have everything, want nothing or its a newer relationship. So I am here to help because I LOVE gift giving.

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A resounding result was a gift for a boyfriend/husband. Guys are so hard to give gifts to because every time you ask there like “IDK” or give you a technology answer that doesn’t feel heart felt. So here are my ideas for them:

  1. Sports Event - You can never go wrong with tickets to one of their favorite sports team

  2. Getting their car cleaned - Hear me out on this. I just did this for Henry, it was a little pricey but worth it because he drives Billy every day. I know he would never splurge on this himself but he loves a clean car.

  3. Do one of his favorite activities - Arrange to participate in one of his favorite past times and learn something new with your man. Henry loves when I take interest in one of his favorite things even if its just for a few hours.

  4. Headphones - I feel like a nice set of headphones is always a good default. I dont know if this helps but

  5. When in doubt nice watches are always appreciated. Whether its a dress watch for work or a work out watch. Henry loves his apple watch, I love fitbit. Or this fossil one is a perfect compromise.

  6. Record player - If he loves music a record player is never a bad idea along with a few records that are his favorite or mean something to the two of you. I love this record or this one, always a classic

  7. Sports Gear - Cause what boy doesn’t want more gear supporting their favorite team.

  8. Cold Weather Gear - I know that I’m in need of a matching set and Henry had never had a scarf before he met me (Cali native) so I think this is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them!

Below are some cheaper ideas that are never a bad gift to give!

A new relationship. This one is tricky, because you never know how much the other person is spending, if they are getting you anything or how long term to give this present (aka if its an event how far out). My advice would be something under $50 that is meaningful but small. I think sometimes there’s this huge pressure in a new relationship around the holiday’s and the holiday’s are stressful enough. So I like getting something small that shows you were thinking of them without being like “I spent soooo much on you” and making them feel weird.

  1. Google Home Mini - I mean this is a super easy no brainier. I feel like we just keep getting new mini’s because every room can have one. And its a really great speaker to play music.

  2. For a coffee lover - If someone is a coffee lover, then why will love some new coffee and a mug to go with it. I love this combo because the mug isn’t too loud but its still a thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank.

  3. A shirt from his favorite brewery, I don’t know if this is big anywhere else but it’s huge in Cincinnati. A shirt from any spot that he wants to represent is a great gift saying you listen and were thinking of them.

  4. Slippers! - This is always a good go to because people love slippers. I’ve gotten these for friends, parents, brother in laws and Henry. I think you can never go wrong with this.

  5. Video games - I don’t know much about video games but if your significant other can’t stop talking about a new game coming out maybe surprising them with it shows you were listening and will get you major points!

  6. Travel Kit & Grooming Tools - If your person is a traveler this is a great set to get. Henry' highly recommends Harry’s and its perfect for traveling. It’s nice but nothing too personal!

  7. Phone Case - Again this is another thing that isn’t personal but its a nice touch that someone may not buy for themselves!

  8. Cocktail Mix - If your special someone enjoys a cocktail every once in a while I think this is a great gift. It’s a nice gift with no pressure and something you can enjoy together!

When all else falls just pay for a nice dinner with some drinks. Its always a nice gesture especially if the relationship is new and they have been picking up the bill!


Gift Guide for tricky people in your life
  1. Succulent Subscription - I love this idea for my mother-in-law. She loves gardening and this is a subscription box that send you two succulents a month. Just a nice way to support her hobby!

  2. Candle Set or Soaps- Mom’s always deserve to be pampered and I love these sets. Sometimes its hard to know what scents people like so getting a set like this is perfect and it’s so pretty it can be displayed in their home too!

  3. Joanna Gains - I mean when in doubt get something Joanna Gains. Most people love Fixer Upper and her new book is a perfect thing to gift.

  4. Pampering - Again mom’s always need pampering and I never know what my mom will like or her skin type so this sampler is perfect! Give them a little treat and covers all the basis.

  5. Cookbook - Im not a huge Ida fan because her food is heavier than my everyday but I like that it has tricks in this book and helps to teach you. A cookbook is always a great gift if the mom in your life enjoys cooking.

  6. Hostess Gift - This is the perfect platter for the hostess in your life. I love that this platter was removable and so pretty looking. It looks expensive without breaking the bank!

I hope this was helpful or at least got your mind wandering to the perfect gift. I LOVED all the responses on Instagram and interacting with you guys. Let me know if you end up buying any of this! And most the products I mentioned are down below!!

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