Get to know me: Fun Facts

I see that a lot of people have been looking at the about me, and I realized how much it doesn't say.  I found a few questions some other bloggers have answered and I thought it would be helpful to get to know the girl behind the Instagram and Wallpapers!  I hope you enjoy!

1.What inspired you to start blogging?

What inspired me to start writing was curiosity really.  I knew of people who were blogging and I saw that it really gave them a sense of fulfillment.  I had a creative desire that wasn't going away and the blog has really helped me to explore that side of myself.  I have pushed myself with writing, opening up, and exploring my creative side. So really it was other people that I followed, bloggers and friends that inspired me to give it a try!

2.What do you enjoy most about blogging/writing?

I enjoy learning things about myself, sometimes I just write and I find it really reflective.  I also feel like every week I sit down and I'm like, "This is pointless, I have nothing to say" and every week I find different topics to write about.  I have also enjoyed getting to know people through Instagram and being apart of a community. It really is something special!

3.What is your ultimate goal for your blog?

It's funny I feel like I get asked this question by every family member and friend.  I am a planner, in everything I do but I actually don't have a plan for Life After Graduation.  I guess that's why I titled the blog the way I did.  I have no idea where life will take me and the blog is along for the ride.  I never expected it to get the type of response it has.  I honestly thought I might quit it by December.  So for right now I'm just making small goals, like my subscriber list and hopefully a sponsored or collaboration! (Fingers crossed).  I don't want this blog to ever become a job or a chore, I want it to remain fun and I'm afraid if I put too many expectations on it, it will quickly become something I don't want it to be.

4.What is your favorite go-to outfit and why?

Sweatpants ... What I like to be comfortable?  I would say my favorite outfit right now is a sweater, my green vest, jeans, and my Steve Madden boots with jewelry.  I love this outfit because I feel like my truest self, I am comfortable, put together and have some pieces on that I feel other people wouldn't have put together making me a little unique. 

5.Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Pinterest and my Instagram.  But really I feel like I just started getting into fashion about a year ago, (all girl catholic high school problems).  I am still working on figuring out my style, but I haven't always looked up to celebrities and their styles.  So I like looking at real life people that look GOOD.  It feels more obtainable to me. That's my inspiration.

6.Who is your photographer for your blog?

Me or my boyfriend.  We are working on our skills, with getting new lens (will keep you updated), but I also use Unsplash a lot to find stock photos.

7.What is one go-to thing that cheers you up no matter what?

My dog, but she lives in Florida with my parents now (very sad), chocolate, music or just a fun night out with friends.

8.What is one of your talents? 

Naming a song within 2 seconds of it being played? Does that count?

9.What do you do to relax yourself?

I love to read or paint, those are the things that actually relax me.

10.What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“To live, will be an awfully big adventure” – Peter Pan.