Get to know Candidly Keri!

Hi Guys! So I have some new people checking out the blog and I felt like I wanted you to learn a little bit more about the person behind Candidly Keri.  I feel like I rarely get to say Hi, but always feel free to say Hi on Twitter on Instagram.  I try to stay very active over there! I would love to hear some fun facts about yourself or if any of our correlate! 

Main photo taken by Nicolette over at Avner Road Photography! She's the best, check her out!

  1. Favorite color - Blue, color depends on mood and season.  Right now Dusty Blue 
  2. Favorite book - Jodi Picoult is my favorite author, I've read almost all of her books
  3. Favorite movie - Pitch Perfect or Bridesmaids are my go to
  4. Favorite sport - Football to watch and soccer to play!
  5. Favorite flavor of cake - Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
  6. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be - Burritos
  7. I love to - go for hikes
  8. I'm really good at - recognizing a song in 5 seconds
  9. This summer I want to - explore more!
  10. I want to learn how to - draw calligraphy 
  11. A new goal I have is to - incorporate mediation or decompressing into my schedule
  12. Whats the oldest thing in my closet - A necklace from my late grandfather or signed band shirts from middle school ... really different ends of the spectrum there
  13. Guilty pleasure - Reality tv (aka Bravo)
  14. Must have make up item - Mascara, I have light lashes and look scary without it!
  15. Favorite Christmas Song - All I want for Christmas, followed by 
  16. How I take my coffee - Vanilla latte with soy milk
  17. If I could change my name what would I change it to - I don't know I think I like Ryan, something short and simple.  Also easier to figure out than Kerianne :)

Here are so photos to put a face to the name!

Tell me a fun fact about you! Did anything line up with mine?