Fitness Journey: Entry #1

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Last week I posted about how on this blog I'd talk about things going on in my life.  So here it is, the dreaded reality of my fitness struggle. PSA: I really want to enjoy working out and being healthy I really do, but I love chocolate more than squats.  I also think I missed the "working out" gene in my family. My mom beats me in FitBit challenges every week with 45,000 steps, my dad just recently did several one arm push-ups at a wedding (he's 62), my oldest sister completed an Iron Man last May (if you don't know what an Iron Man is its 2.4 miles swimming, 112 biking and then a marathon), and my middle sister has completed 4 marathons.  Don't get me wrong I played competitive soccer all through high school and did all the conditioning and was in really good shape but without that discipline I just have no drive.  

The problem with changing into a healthy lifestyle, is it's not an instant gratification lifestyle (BOO). It's something you have to really work at. Sadly when I look in the mirror and think I could be more toned, I don't magically wake up with a few less pounds. And I did gain a lot of weight with some medicine I was on a few years ago, but its not really an excuse and I miss being strong; also not being winded by a few flights of stairs would be a major plus.

I have been able to get into working out before but the stints only last a few months and I get sick or busy then I quit and then I'm back to square one.  So I am writing this post because I am officially committing myself to healthier lifestyle publicly (which fingers crossed will give me the little push I need).  Of course I plan on taking you along this journey with me, I hope to post once a month, because lets get real this is not a health & fitness blog.  

So I have written 7 goals for myself to work on during this first month.  Here they are!

1. Be Positive But Realistic - Let me explain this one. I feel too often when I am in a work out kick I punish myself for every non super healthy choice, if I have a donut randomly its the end of the world.  I really beat myself up for the little things, and I get discouraged thinking its not even worth the work out because I ate like crap.  Instead I need to focus on all the good work outs I have been doing and the other healthy things I have eaten.  Be less strict with myself when I am trying.  On the flip side though, I can't eat 75 donuts and think its okay because I walked for 10 minutes. I often look over things because I did exercise. Either way every meal is a choice to eat healthy or not, as is to get active every day.

2. Eat More Protein - I feel starving through most of the day, and especially when I go to bed.  I have read a few things online about not getting enough protein so I am going to try this and see if it calms down my urge to eat ever five seconds.

3. Prepare My Food the Night Before - When I wake up for work in the morning I am usually running around like a mad women, and I either don't pack enough food resulting in eating all the office chips and candy, or I pack bad food.  Preparing the night before will help me the next day and curb my stress in the morning.

4. Work Out 5 times a Week - Sounds like I lot but I have done it before so I know I am capable.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks - This is my downfall especially with goal 3, I never pack healthy snacks.  I know that my meals could use some work but my snacks are so salty or sugary (need a lot of help in this area)

6. Drink Water - I'm constantly so dehydrated and I know this helps curb hunger too.  So lots and lots of water.

7. NO SCALE - The scale is always the demise of me, so tomorrow I plan on getting on to see my starting weight, take my measurements and then it is no scale for a month,  I am hoping this helps a lot. I want to focus on how I feel, and more the measurements rather than the numbers.

Wish me luck! And let me know in the comments what has worked best for you!