Fitness Goals & Getting back on Track

HAY 2016, nice to meet ya.  It's 4 days into the new year and I feel like I still have a food baby from Christmas and New Years.  Not really but sorta.  My family goes all out for Christmas even more so than Thanksgiving, we have a plethora or seafood one night, prime rib and we are still finding Christmas cookies. (mmm cookies) 

Anyways, I have a few things in mind for how I will get back on track and I wanted to share it with all of you! For me I am a planner, so starting with a plan has always really helped me.  One of the resources I have really enjoyed recently is the group Tone It Up.  They currently have a winter challenge that started on January 4th (not too late to start with me) and they give weekly schedules and recipes for FREE.  They do this each week wether or not there is a challenge going on. Also just a warning I remember when I first went to their site I was like these schedules are ridiculous they are way too hard. But each day I try to do them to the best of my ability and each time it gets a little easier. Tone It Up also has an app (which cost a few dollars I believe) but they have an amazing community that interacts with you and supports you.

I have done one of their challenges before and something that really helped me was journaling. I haven't journaled my food yet which I know I should but I journey more the fitness side of things with my time of the work out and how I felt.  It was amazing to see in one week how my times had gotten faster and my journaling became more and more positive. 

There are of course many places to find plans online like Pinterest or but Tone It Up has worked for me with their consistent posting of plans and their bodies are my dream (insert heart eye emojis).

Meal planning! Yum food. Again Im a planner. But I have found that cooking healthy meals on the weekend is something that really helps me.  It helps time wise during the week so Im less likely to make bad choices, its cheaper and I also am sort of forced to eat the food so it doesn't go bad.  Another helpful tip is make a variety of food, one week I made meals with chicken the main focus and lets just say I wont do that again. 

Also another thing I have found helpful is to view each meal/day as a choice, to make a healthy one.  If you eat something crappy at breakfast it doesn't mean that lunch and dinner have to be bad as well. View each meal as a single decision.  That said though having desserts all day but salads for lunch and dinner don't counteract each other.

I am going to try to really intake my water consumption this month since I have read articles about how it does nothing but good things like rid toxins, clear your skin and keep you full.

What are some of your tips to get and stay on track?