First Apartment Advice

I saw a post the other day about advice you wish you could have given yourself for your first apartment, and as I gear up to share my apartment tour series, I thought what a good idea! Henry and I hope to buy a house soon and so Im using this advice to help remind myself as well.

First I think that there are a lot of steps, and Im going to share them. One theme is going to be, slow down! I feel like when I got my first place I wanted to fill it so fast and make it look fabulous, but Im finding out now that decorating takes a lot of time and patience. You have to be slow and intentional with the items you use to fill a room!

  1. Pin away! Use Pinterest and get an idea of the look you’re going for. I feel like this helps to see things in a space and visual it better. The more you research the more patterns you can see, what works, what you gravitate towards and what works best.

  2. Wait to buy until you’re moved in. I was so quick to hurry up and buy things that I feel like I didn’t really wait until I was in the space. If you know the floor plan there are plenty of apps to help you lay out furniture and start to get a feel before you move in.

  3. Consider the floor and light. OMG my first apartment was smaller and I bought ALL this black furniture. Since it was a smaller space with carpet it really needed a little more help being lighted up but the black furniture made it dark and smaller. I will say though I had that furniture a long time and stuck it out to make it worth my while.

  4. One thing that really helped me is a color scheme. So when I went to pick up items I thought does this fit in the scheme. See I love blue but at one point I had 10 different shades going on and it didn’t really make sense.

  5. If you get stuck, emulate something. I have these big glass towers and I wasn’t really sure how to fill it. I read a few articles on Pinterest about odd numbers, adding greenery. I just try to recreate things I like and I feel like that helps me a lot.

  6. Wall art can really transform a room and make a place feel more homey. I wish I would have bought art and hung it. I mean target has great things but I think this really helps to transform a place into a home!

  7. Don’t be afraid to return things! Try it out for a week and if you’re not loving it, return it! I feel like I wasted a lot of money trying to get things to work that just didn’t. But Im also glad I brought it home to test it out.

  8. Get comfortable items! Don’t get items just because they look cool. I got one of the white chairs because all the bloggers had them but holy heck were they uncomfortable.

  9. Take old furniture from friends and family, and make it your own. This saves you money, and you get to transform something into a piece you love. You can change the paint color and change out items to make it your own. Or just take the furniture and replace it one by one. Don’t use up all your savings furnishing a place. I feel like this helps to get more meaningful and intentional pieces.

  10. Add pictures! We don’t have a lot of pictures still but its so fun to print them out and make it feel like your home!

  11. BONUS TIP: If you do a gallery wall, test it out with paper first and put it up on the wall. This will help you to get a visual without committing to a ton of frames!

  12. And buy this putty, incase you make mistakes :)

Whats some advice you wish you would have been given? I hope this is helpful!