First Aid Beauty Review

I’m always in the market for new skincare because I don’t think I’ve really found my perfect routine and I always try First Aid Beauty since its safe for sensitive skin and made with pretty good ingredients. So I first wanted to try the Acne Face Wash it had me since it was for acne and had probiotics. I didn’t know what that does for your skin but it sounds good. The face wash has a very gel like consistency and will sting if you have active acne. And its done NOTHING for my skin so thats fun.

While I was at it I picked up this Moisturizer because I wanted something a little heavier for the winter time and this is a huge no no for people with oily skin. OMG my skin in the middle of the day was the oiliest Ive seen it in a while. I still use it at night, to really just not let it go to waste but not a good day time moisturizer for me.

I got this Polish as an extra with my order and it barely has anything that scrubs your face in it. So I am sure its very gentle but I feel like ive Im going to exfoliate I want it to really get the dead skin off. This is best if you’re looking for something mild.

I have liked this Serum that I’ve gotten as a sample for night time if my skin needs a little something extra. This helps it if its a little dry and soaks up quickly!

I want to like first aid beauty SO bad but I haven’t really found anything that works for me. Im worried that this acne moisturizer will be too dry since its mattifying. If anything has worked for you please let me know in the comments! Im looking for some good products to fall in love with!

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