Favorite things off my registry

When Henry and I were wedding planning and starting our registry, I knew that there were a few things we really wanted/needed but after that, I was sorta at a lost. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items! My philosophy for the registry because we didn’t really need was, what can we upgrade and what are some things we’d like but we’d never buy ourselves? I share some tidbits on what people bought, shower gifts and I link the exact items I got! PS this link to Zola will give you $50 towards anything!

My number one thing I wanted was a good set of pots and pans. My mom had handed down some to me, but none of the lids match and it didn’t really make sense what we had. So I pick out these Pots and Im obsessed. They are super light weight, and the lids have strainers in them. Its genius! And I really like the quality.

We got this really nice Record player which I just love because its such a statement piece in our living room and really encompasses Henry and I. I liked getting pieces like that since we are building our home together.

Henry’s number one was a good set of Knives. This brand is well known and I will say that the set is awesome. Although I wish there were more pairing knives. I would also recommend getting a knife sharpener with it.

Cause I mean who doesn’t need a good set of matching Bowls. Henry loved that this came with so many he felt like he was on a cooking show. I like that they are durable and there’s a size for everything.

Bar Cart - This is another statement piece in our apartment. It commands a lot of attention and I just love it. I seriously wanted this exact bar cart for 2 years, mostly because it has wheels, a place for a towel and you can hang wine glasses! Im thinking about doing a post about what all I have on mine and bar cart essentials? Let me know if you want to see it.

So for this item I really though I didn’t need a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I don’t do a ton of baking and my sister said it just takes up a lot of space on her counter. But I decided to put it on the registry because I knew I’d never buy it for myself. And it was one of the first items purchased! Then I started to use it and ITS AWESOME! I can see why people love it.

This seems like a silly one, but its so awesome to cook with. I love our Olive Oil Bottle! Don’t be afraid to add small items to your registry. I found a lot of people bought bigger items or cash. But most registries give you 20% off after your wedding. So set some of that money aside for the items you need!

Now is the time to get a nice set of Luggage. Especially for you honeymoon! We got this and I love it. I know Away is really popular, just not sure its worth the money.

OMG everyone needs a Splatter Pan! It is so helpful for cooking, and not getting oil everywhere especially on your self. Henry loves it for making bacon.

A Cookbook Stand is not only helpful for when you are cooking but it also helps beautifully display your recipe books! I love this one because the glass panel helps keep your cookbook clean while you’re cooking!

This Handheld Vacuum is a life saver for pet owners. Everyone should get one! It was the perfect shower gift. I found that people spent around 30-50 on the shower so make sure you have some of that on before your wedding shower!

Tumblers - I just had to share these because I love how sturdy they are, and I feel like everyone should have them.

Bath Caddy - I posted this my winter favorites, I really do love it. Makes me feel like Im in a spa every time I take a bath and really relaxes me.

Its items like this Shower Organizer that I feel like make you really look like an adult in you space. I tried to really upgrade a lot of our every day items, to evaluate our space and not keep it looking like a college dorm.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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