My Favorite Notebooks

Hey friends! So if you have seen my Instagram before, I am pretty obsessed with notebooks. I'm constantly buying new ones but I use them all the time to jot down ideas, notes, and to-do list.  I find the act of writing things down helps to get to out of my brain and takes a weight off my shoulder.  I just don't get the same satisfaction from writing list on my computer.  

I'm here today to share with you some of my favorite notebooks and why.  I will say my favorite ones are spiral notebooks because I love turning the pages and making the notebook smaller if necessary but I couldn't find a lot online! I usually get my notebooks at urban outfitters or target but I have some other good ones too! 

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

Spiral Notebook - On the note of spiral notebooks, here was one of my favorites.  I love sugar paper (sold at target) I just love the simplicity of it. Great for all the random things.

Mindfulness - I like this one for meditating or when Im trying to be more mindful when I start or end my day.This one is great because it helps prompt you but it also gives you space to actually write. 

Bullet Journaling - A post is coming soon on this but I have seen that bullet journaling is best with just dots inside instead of lines so this is what I picked up! And I want to order one from May Designs when I finish this one! I just love May Designs you can do so much with their notebooks. 

Wedding Planning - I have ordered this one because I think it will help me to keep everything ordered by categories. 

In my purse - I love the size of these notebooks, they are thin and super cute.  I leave these around just in case I ever need a pen and paper.  Comes in handy! 

Agenda - This is the agenda I want to get for 2018.  I'm very task focused and this layout is just perfect for someone like me.  I also really like the goal aspect of it as well.  Not to mention its really cute. 

I also have used the productivity planner and the happiness planner.  The happiness planner is great in theory but its just a lot for every day.  Things come up or it's just not convenient.  I really like the productivity planner because it helps prioritize my day and keep track of my time.  The beginning of the journal is super informative about productivity as well! 

Below are a few of the journals I have mentioned and some pens I love to use too with the journals! So tell me are you a journal junkie like me? Where do you find your notebooks?

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