Favorite Recipes

So if you guys didn't know I love to cook! Every week I am making new recipes.  Sometimes I share on Instagram what Im making that week. I have been trying to buy cookbooks recently but my go to is usually Pinterest and I wanted to share a few of the go-to recipes that I make. If you like this types of posts please let me know! I have plenty of recipes I can share from trial and error based on categories like chicken, dessert, side dishes. I also have a lot of recipes for when you have guest over and wanna impress them. You name it Ive got it!! 

Healthy Blueberry Muffins - I love that these muffins made with better for you ingredients and these muffins come out so moist but not gummy.  They are easy to make and eat on the go!

Energy Bites - These are my favorite energy bites to date, I add chia seeds to mine even though I don't love them but I don't notice them! These are super yummy and really filling I don't need much!

Rainbow Veggies - I love making this for when I have guest over, not only do they ooh and ahh when they see it but they also can pick whatever veggies they like without me worrying! This recipe couldn't be easier and the veggies really do cook well all together

Taco Turkey Bowls - This is much better than you're average taco bowl, turkey can really take on any flavor you give it but by itself can be bland.  Cooking it with some broth really makes it so much more flavorful.  And I like trying to make taco bowls with turkey.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - I love this for a "meatless Monday" meal.  And although it is pretty simple its very filling and better than expected! 

Chicken Verde - I love that this is a crockpot recipe and I can dump everything and go.  Henry would eat this for every meal if he could.  The one thing I will say is it's a little soupy, haven't figured out how to solve that yet! 

Roasted Veggies and Sauage - I found that we were eating a lot of chicken and I just wasn't really liking it lately.  I have been loving sausage as a different protein its so flavorful and this recipe is amazing.  I try to always have recipes with veggies in them and this one is SO good. 

Tortellini Soup - this soup is easy and great for a winter day to warm up with! I'm not really a tomato girl so I'm surprised I like this soup but it gets my seal of approval.

Spiralized Sweet Potato Enchilada - I bought a spiralizer and was looking for recipes to use it on.  Although mine never looks this beautiful, it sure does taste good and is another great meatless Monday meal! 

Pumpkin Roll- Henry asked for this dessert whenever he can.  Making a roll can be a little intimidating but this recipe gives a lot of instructions and isn't too bad! 

We dont have any dietary restrictions and I just love trying new recipes so I hope you got some good ideas from this post. 

Let me know if you'd like more content on what I've been cooking.  I can't wait to move into our big kitchen and get items from my registry.  Then I will really be able to cook! 

I was in no way swayed to post these recipes, and all images are the original author.  Its just food I've really tried and love making time and time again. I hope you enjoy! If you make one of these recipes be sure to tag me!